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if you’re a s t r o n g f e m a l e you don’t need permission

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I literally overcame self esteem issues by making ironically over-arrogant claims because even if you’re joking about something a lot you start to believe it and that can totally work in a good way if you let it

Brilliant approach to low self-esteem, good reminder in others areas. Jokes, if you make them enough, effect the way you think and function; words have power. Some things (for instance rape, sexism, suicide,etc…) are not funny and shouldn’t be joked about because even the most idiotic and hurtful things take root if you can just pretend you’re being amusing and therefore accuse anyone who doesn’t laugh as having “no sense of humor” rather than “morals” or “standards.”




why do people assume birth control is only for women wanting to have sex/unprotected sex? birth control regulates menstruation for women with irregular periods or problems like anemia, birth control helps with cramps, it helps with other hormone related things like acne, and it helps women with endometriosis, which if left untreated can cause infertility?

why do you use the debate over birth control as a way to slut shame women?

So this is actually a really interesting thing to me. I have endometriosis and I do, in fact, use continuous cycle birth control (meaning I use more than most people) to control it, HOWEVER just because I need it to keep my intestines from bleeding doesn’t mean I’m entitled to it for free. As far as I have been aware of the mainstream debate regarding birth control, no one is trying to make it illegal, rather the debate is over who should have to pay for it. I know that being a biologically defined (and otherwise, but the biology is the pertinent one) woman isn’t my fault, but there are lots of things that need medicated that people can’t help/didn’t choose and that lack of choice on my part and theirs shouldn’t cost other people money. I know it’s not my fault that I’m a woman, that I have endo or that I have lupus, that because of them my immune system is low, but know what? It’s not anyone else’s fault either and it certainly shouldn’t cost them more money in taxes or otherwise.

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Everyone says they was to see Cap pick up Thor’s hammer in AoU, but everyone knows that Cap’s a good guy.

No, what I want is for Natasha to pick it up. In the heat of battle, and it lands beside her, and she gets cornered so she grabs for a piece of debris to attack with and she just swings it completely without meaning too.

Then she realises that maybe she’s good, maybe she’s wiped out the red in her ledger.

Maybe she’ll realise that she’s a hero.

… might be too emotional for life right now because this actually made me tear up. By which I mean cry. 






I put a smiley fry in the microwave so next time my mom goes to make something she gets a pleasant yet unpleasant surprise


I put a smiley fry in the microwave so next time my mom goes to make something she gets a pleasant yet unpleasant surprise






protesting outside of hobby lobby today in tulsa oklahoma!

Guys. This is ludacris. A company with a religious affiliation not paying for things that directly contradict their beliefs is not unreasonable. They’re covering birth control, just not anything that causes spontaneous abortion because they believe life begins at conception rather than implantation. They’re not saying their employees can’t use these things, just that they don’t want to be forced to pay for them. Which. Is. Not. Unreasonable. 



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Spend 7 minutes of your life watching this show on gendered marketing

This is brilliant. I specifically buy razors and shaving cream marketed to men because it’s at least 30% cheaper in the US, and yet the quality is way better. 

Say what you will, but marketing and marketers are terrifying and brilliant.